Kimberley Hair
Owner, Myotherapist and Personal Trainer

Kimberley is a mother of two, an experienced Clinical Myotherapist and Personal Trainer. She spent her younger years as an athlete and having dealt with transitioning from being an athlete, struggling with social body image pressures and a toxic relationship with food, she grew a passion for health and fitness. 

Her approach towards health and wellbeing is wholesome and holistic, and most importantly sustainable. She emphasizes and practices a balanced, healthy lifestyle both for mental and physical wellbeing, with a passion for sweat, nutritional medicine and mindfulness.

Having been in the industry for several years, Kimberley has covered most ailments and tailored many treatment plans to meet different clients lifestyles and interests. Throughout her career as a Myotherapist, Kimberley has worked with elite football players, expectant and new mums, corporate workers the elderly and more. As a Mum herself, she is enthusiastic about making pregnancy and motherhood as pain free and as calm as possible.

Kimberley thrives off helping others and acknowledges that not one system of the body works alone. After having been in the industry for several years and developing her personal approach towards health and fitness, she has recently incorporated an online fitness component to her business to reach a wider audience beyond The Wellness Studio.

As a woman and mother she is driven to improve women’s health in any and every way.